Ohh damn! I am so good at spending time on the net. I finished work early today – great! I could work on my 20’s dress! But lo and behold, here I am two hours later and I’m STILL “researching”. Hahah. Oh well, I found some great recipes to try when things quieten down after Christmas. Such as:

Taffy Apple Salad

Salted Caramel Apple Pie

Alice Medrich’s Labneh Tart

Tomato-y, Yogurt-y Shakshuka

Can you tell I’ve got a sweet tooth?


I live in a 2×1 villa with my partner. It has one common wall with another villa in our complex, and a small atrium style thing in the middle of this wall. When we moved in, it had a few pieces of astroturf and a LOT of sand. We figured it’d make a great project to turn it into something special and the atrium took on a whole new meaning in our minds.

6 months later, it still has a lot of sand.

We have, however, actually begun to do something with it! It’s all about the small wins.

We bought a giant plastic tub from Bunnings with the intent of turning it into a pond. We filled it with water, and put a pot on bricks with a plant in it on top. It wasn’t what we’d hoped for.

So we moved the pot, and headed to a nursery for inspiration. We found it in Fairy Lights – Isolepis cernua. It looked so beautiful, chilling out in the pond with all the other water plants, and we decided to make it the star of our atrium [so many possible puns! SO MANY!]. With the help of the informative Waldecks assistant, we bought moss, a few other plants and a pump, and headed home like a fat kid anticipating cake.

There were a few pallets lying around our place, so we pulled the wood off one of those to create a frame for the pond. Once the frame was there, we watered it, and split the moss around it. Four days later, and it’s still going strong.ImageThe plastic ducks from Pete’s mum. Heehee!

The pump’s working pretty well. We managed to find a solar powered one ❤ Awesome – we don’t have an outdoor socket, it’s more environmentally friendly, and cheaper on our electricity bill. Not so awesome – it stops working at night/when it’s cloudy/there’s no sun (no duh, but I hadn’t fully thought that through). It’s worth it but!

The mosquitoes love it. I’m sure our pond came to be known as the local hospital, where all the female mosquitoes came to lay their eggs. This, as well as the rapid increase in algae, pushed me to buy fish faster than what I’d originally planned. So far, we have two fantails (Carassius auratus) and one shubunkin, and they seem to be going well…they’re not eating as much as I’d like them too, but we’ll see how they go before I go crazy and find an excessive amount of fish 😛ImageI was thinking of adding mosquitofish? They would certainly enjoy the larvae!

Empty houses

I hate coming home to an empty house. I enjoy it for a short period, but after a while it starts to grate on me. Regardless of how good a day I’ve had, my mood will start to plummet and next thing I know, I’ve been surfing on Modcloth and Twitter for an unhealthy amount of minutes (like, minutes-turning-into-hours-turning-into-days unhealthy).

Granted, I only live with my partner. So I have a 50% chance of being alone when I get home. The solution is fairly obvious, right? Get a housemate! An animal! More herbs! Extra CLOCKS! Except our place isn’t big enough for more than us. Neither of us are home enough to make having a pet viable. I have a black thumb. And although clocks could work (they keep dogs from getting lonely, right?) it’d probably drive me more crazy and end with lots of smashed hands.

For now, I stem the loneliness with music, planning, talking to the walls and the never ending Internet.

Thank god I have a partner who loves me including my crazy. Otherwise I’d be a crazy dog lady (allergic to cats!). Not that I’ve fully written that off…

So it’s almost 18 months since my last post. Holy shit! I’m impressed I got my login password right on my second go. Life has changed a significant deal since July 2012. Moved out with the boyf, got an amazing job promoting science, doing regular dancing and yoga, and am now dying random parts of my hair.

Pirate rainbows

My job gives me the occasional opportunity to get my face painted. Of course, I always take advantage of this 😀

When you fall over, you pick yourself right back up and keep going right? Round 2. Let’s roll.



Tea amazes me so much. There’s so much variety, so many benefits for your health and it tastes so amazing! It’s funny, I hate coffee but I’ve never felt awkward about it, and that is very much due to tea saving my ass every time. Don’t like cappuccinos? Have a green tea. Dislike long blacks? Have a rooibos tea. Hate iced coffees, mochas or espressos? Have a black tea, rose tea or jasmine tea. Hells yeah, I say!

Tea, we’ll always be BFFs.


I have a habit of not recording and reflecting on the good times. When things are good, I enjoy the ride. I don’t question it; I just try to appreciate the warm feeling of sunshine in my bones.

When things are bad, I retreat, reflect and get lost in books and movies. I wait until the moment passes, and then go searching for something constructive to do.


I need to record the good moments more. Sometimes, when I’m lost in the deep darkness that everyone experiences, I confuse myself and forget why I love my life so much. I feel like sometimes it’s hard to stay happy (and I realise there is a SHITLOAD to be happy about) because things don’t happen the way I want them to, or people don’t behave like I think they should. Sometimes it’s just my hormones being stupid. And in these times, it would be amazing to have a rope to hold onto, memories to lead me out.


I will do it. Starting with this:

1. My boyfriend.