C’est difficile!

We encounter challenges of all sizes daily – this is not a groundbreaking new fact, but it was something I had forgotten. I kept choosing a challenge to begin with, only to realise it was a challenge I was already facing and not a new one designed to push my boundaries! I would settle on something like “finding a job I love” or “going for a run twice a week” only to realise these were things I had already promised myself. Kind of defeats the purpose of this doesn’t it?

Although finding a career I love is a challenge, it’s not the kind of one that will push me to be better. Sure, I’ll write cover letters better and be able to communicate my own strengths to faceless recruitment officers, and I’m sure my life will change a great deal after I get a job. But this kind of challenge is not going to develop me or help me overcome fears. I get along well with most people and can hold my own in an interview, so these activities are not particularly scary (to me).

I need to get my shit together, take a breath and jump into something that I’ve never done before, or have previously struggled with. Like diving or rock climbing!


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