I have a habit of not recording and reflecting on the good times. When things are good, I enjoy the ride. I don’t question it; I just try to appreciate the warm feeling of sunshine in my bones.

When things are bad, I retreat, reflect and get lost in books and movies. I wait until the moment passes, and then go searching for something constructive to do.


I need to record the good moments more. Sometimes, when I’m lost in the deep darkness that everyone experiences, I confuse myself and forget why I love my life so much. I feel like sometimes it’s hard to stay happy (and I realise there is a SHITLOAD to be happy about) because things don’t happen the way I want them to, or people don’t behave like I think they should. Sometimes it’s just my hormones being stupid. And in these times, it would be amazing to have a rope to hold onto, memories to lead me out.


I will do it. Starting with this:

1. My boyfriend.



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